Explorer Resources

Learning about different countries, cultures and people around the world is an essential part of a rounded education. The Can Do Kids embody this spirit, as they travel the globe with a philosophy to ‘follow the music and learn’.

A unique, web-based resource uses music to introduce the social and cultural aspects of individual countries, while supporting student’s personal and academic development.

Our resource library has been developed by teachers for teachers. It provides schools with an inspirational character development resource on intercultural learning.

Important information about each country is incorporated into the pages of this website and the accompanying support resources.

It is used by schools around the world to support cross-curricular learning.



Our fun resources make it easy and enjoyable for students to learn.



A range of games to make it easy for students to develop their comprehension.



Students collect the stamps of the countries visited for their Explorer’s Passport.

Meet our Founder, Dr Charles Margerison

Dr Margerison, is a Psychologist, and member of the Royal Institution and the Royal Literature Society.

He has been fortunate to have visited more than 75 countries around the world. To encourage students to understand other countries and cultures, Dr Margerison created The Can Do Kids interactive music learning resource. It is based on the adventures of a group of young musicians who explore the world with a ‘can do will do attitude’ and are exemplars of team work between nations.

After spending many years researching the life stories of Amazing People, Dr Margerison founded Amazing People Schools. This resource focuses on empowering and inspiring young people through character education to believe in themselves, so they can fulfil their amazing potential, and lead happy, successful lives.

Dr Margerison also co-founded Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management journals and databases. He is also the originator of TMS, a global company for psychometric services.

When, not travelling the world, collecting information for his latest project, he resides on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, with his family.

Meet the Characters!



I am the drummer of the Can Do Kids Band. Born in South Africa, I also spend a lot of time in Jamaica with my relatives. I enjoy keeping active and playing team sports.


I am the lead vocalist of the Can Do Kids Band. Born and raised in the USA,
I enjoy being outdoors, camping and writing songs.


I am the keyboard player with the Can Do Kids Band. Born in China, I am curious and always interested in learning more information about the history of the people and places our band visits on their tours.


I am the lead guitarist with the Can Do Kids Band. Born in England, but raised in Australia. I enjoy all outdoor activities, especially water sports and nature adventures.


I am the bass guitarist with the Can Do Kids Band. Born in India, I love to cook and make friends with the many people we meet as the band tours the world.