Created by Lin

Contribution from Ace, Amy, Oz and Ravi

How We Started


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Created by Lin

Contribution from Ace, Amy, Oz and Ravi

We hope you enjoy the story of
how we started.

This comic strip has been
created for our fans.
G’day! I’m Oz, the lead
guitarist. I was born in London,
England and migrated to
Queensland, Australia,
when I was young.
Hi! I’m Amy, the
lead singer. I’m from
Virginia, America.
Hey! I’m Ace, the drummer. I was born
in Cape Town, South Africa, where
I live when not with my relatives in
Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Ni hao! I'm Lin from Beijing, China. I play the keytah and keyboard.
Hello, I’m Ravi, the
bass player. I was born in
New Delhi, India.
Now to tell you
the story of how
we met.
It was at the High Note International Music Camp
for gifted and talented music students. We were
fortunate to be amongst students invited from
all over the world.

The aim of the camp was to unite students
through music and encourage them to learn
about each others countries and cultures.

From the moment we were introduced to each
other, on our first day, we became friends.

When not taking part in formal sessions, we spent
time together, playing music and sharing information
about our lives and dreams.

I still clearly remember the day we decided to
form a band.
Sitting around a camp fire,
as the weather was a little chilly.
I have a wild idea!
Let's form our own band and
tour the world together!
Oz reaching
for his guitar.
We can do it!
Great idea! What do
the rest of you
Everyone quickly
showed their
enthusiasm for
Oz's idea.
Count me in! It has also
been a dream of mine.
I like your idea, Oz. I have
always dreamed of being
in a band.
Glad you like it mate.
We can make our
dreams comes true.
We had a lot of fun deciding who
would play what instruments in the band.
While our band tours, we
will be learning new things and
embracing the many exciting
adventures that present
themselves on our travels.
I have it!
Let's call ourselves the
Can Do Kids Band.
That is a great
name. I think it sums
us up well. We all
love life and have
a fantastic 'can
do' attitude.
The kids then began to write the music
and lyrics for a theme song.
That's when the
real fun began!
After many hours of collaboration and a lot of laughter, our theme song was written.

Hey, hey, we're the Can Do Kids Band.
Playing music wherever we can.
Hey, hey, we're the Can Do Kids.
We can fly to any land.

So join us on our journey.
As we travel from country to country.
'Cause we're flying today.
Yes, we're flying, flying away.

Hey, hey, we're the Can Do Kids.
We can fly to any land.
The Can Do Kids Band would like to
encourage our fans to take an interest in music, in
whatever form most inspires them.

We leave you with this thought.

Music is its own language. It encourages a sense of
belonging and friendship, no matter who you are or from
where you come.
The band would also like to thank our wonderful manager and our very generous benefactor. Both, have been instrumental in supporting our dreams and providing us with the opportunity to 'follow the music and learn,' as we travel the world doing what we love.

For further information on the Can Do Kids Band, tune into Melody Marbles radio interview with our manager, Dr Jack Wizby.