Michelle Ravenscroft

Teacher & Educational Researcher, Wales

The Can Do Kids Band resources provide the inspiration for pupils to explore the different cultural aspects of each country, especially the musical influences. The children have been enthused by the soundtrack and joined in by dancing and singing the lyrics. The Can Do Kids resources provide the ideal opportunity to introduce the pupils to an exciting array of cultural influences through the world of music.

Brad Hutchinson

Teacher & Educational Advisor, Australia

Music is a brilliant catalyst for learning. It stir-nulates the mind and invigorates the senses. In class, I’ve seen students snap to attention when they hear the Can DO Kids chorus play. With an engaging and catchy theme song, the CDK resource maintains students’ attention and takes them on an educational journey through distant lands, so they can better understand the people and culture of diverse nations. By combining this musical therne with a fascinating showcase of history, geography and social science, the CDK site offers a stimulating suite of cross curricular resources designed to entertain and educate.

Nicole Hicks

Early Childhood Specialist, Australia

CDK – What a fantastic resource for schools! The music, lyrics, stories, and resources – all come together in such a dynamic way for children to learn. The intercultural learning that needs to take place across the world has just been enhanced by this very effective site. We know that children learn across all domains and this is a one stop shop as such for all types of learners! To the creators — amazing — can’t wait to keep travelling around the world with you!

Laura Eriksen

Teacher, Wales

The Can Do Kids Band website is very child-friendly, relatable and interactive. The children loved the band members because they looked up to them. They also enjoyed the various musical instruments and songs that were played throughout and would often dance around. The children enjoyed learning about the different countries around the world, and they let me know of any new facts they found out! The Can Do Kids Band website is a great learning experience for all children.