Explore the World!

Join the Can Do Kids Band on their ‘Follow the Music and Learn’ World Tour.

Discover more about the countries, customs and culture of our
amazing world.


Personal Journeys

The Can Do Kids Band provides teachers with the tools to create personal learning pathways for their class using ready-made educational materials.

Use the site as an in-class collaborative resource to complete within a lesson or as part of their homework.

Teachers are able to differentiate and assign activities to suit the needs of an individual or small group of students.

On the completion of the set tasks, teachers have the option to reward students with a country passport stamp.

Site Features

Unpack and Explore

The Can Do Kids Band website is an interactive cross-curricular resource, designed to entertain students while educating them about the world in which they live.

The collection of resources available within each of the countries the Can Do Kids Band explores include musical eBooks, interactive multi-media slides shows, multiple games and downloadable resources.

Highlighted text is synchronised to the audio within the pages of the musical eBooks, Picture Videos and sections of the Explorer’s Guides support the individual learning needs of students.

Teachers can evaluate and assess a student’s knowledge to ensure specific learning outcomes are met for a single student or a whole class.

Passport stamps are awarded to students to encourage and motivate them on their learning journey. This reward system can be customised by the teacher to meet the educational needs and challenges faced by individual students.

Teacher Toolkit



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