The benefits of travelling the world with the Can Do Kids Band

Students will gain a global education – through listening to the music and learning about the language, culture, geography, and history of the countries they visit.

As students travel virtually with the Can Do Kids Band, not only do they gain valuable knowledge that aligns directly with curriculum, they also expand their social awareness and world views.

Travel sparks curiosity, and a sense of fun and adventure. It provides the opportunity for students to ask questions, discover and share their experiences with others. It also offers the opportunity to learn something new. A language, a sport, a food or recipe. Or simply uncover a fun fact about the environment and landscape, natural or man-made of the place visited.

All Plans Include

Online Travel
Curriculum Based
Offline Resources for Teachers
Set Tasks
Rewards with Passport Stamps
Submit & Review Writing Tasks
Character Driven
Music Based
Educational Games
Audio Visual Learning through Explorer Guides

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

The Can Do Kids Band Can Give Back!

Our Teacher Reimbursement Program is our way of saying, ‘thank you’ to individual teachers who have shown their loyalty and support to the Can Do Kids Band product and its use within their classroom.

We will reimburse an individual teacher 100% of their initial purchase cost if, in the same calendar year as they commence their subscription, the school or district in which they work signs up for a whole school or multi-school subscription. All we require from the teacher is to fill out this simple form , so we can process the reimbursement.

With your help we can continue to develop our resources and spread the ‘Can Do’ message around the globe.


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